The Benefits of Vaporizing


The benefits of vaporizing:  Vaporizers are designed to heat plant material to ~400° F, the temperature where most of the desirable compounds are released, but below the temperature of combustion.  (The temperature of spontaneous combustion of plant material or “cellulose,” is 450°F).  This is in contrast to cigarettes, where the temperature of the burning cone in a cigarette can reach over 1500° F.  Two undesirable things happen in combustion: primarily thousands of unhealthy chemical compounds are created, as well as that the active ingredient (in this case nicotine) is destroyed in the high temperature reaction.  In a cigarette, the nicotine that the user inhales is actually vaporized from the unburnt tobacco just behind the point of combustion.  Truly, combustion in smoking is simply a heat source which vaporizes the active ingredients we are interested in.

In conventional smoking then, we inhale both the desired vapor and the undesirable smoke, together.  A vaporizer enables one to inhale only the vapor, without the smoke.


Dried tobacco leaves contain approximately 300 different chemical compounds, yet, when burned, this number explodes into approximately 5000, a more than 15 fold increase.  Since vaporization not only doesn't create any of these harmful compounds, it also doesn't destroy the active ingredients you are trying to enjoy, you end up using less tobacco, giving you a dollar savings as well as saving your lungs.

For more interesting reading on this subject, and why the large tobacco companies won't market something like this, see this link—the inspiration for this product: (PBS NOVA
"Search for a Safe Cigarette")




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