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Loading the Tobacco Chamber

You have three options:

We list them here from easiest/quickest to most time consuming.


Simplest/Quickest Method:

Twist the metal end of the vapor tube (tobacco chamber) into the tobacco end of your favorite cigarette.

The metal tube is slightly smaller than the paper roll of a ‘standard’ sized cigarette, so it will easily extract all the tobacco from the cigarette to the depth to which you insert it. 

Remove the vapor tube from the cigarette, lightly press the tobacco in the tobacco chamber down with your fingertip, insert the vapor tube into the heating block, and press the power button. 

You can continue extracting more tobacco from your cigarette in this same fashion, until you are satisfied.  Most people report that vaporizing slightly less than half a cigarette satisfies their nicotine craving as much as smoking the entire cigarette would have.


Loose (roll-your-own) Tobacco Method:

Fill the tobacco chamber with loose tobacco, lightly press the tobacco down with your fingertip, insert the vapor tube into the heating block, and press the power button. 

Since loose tobacco is often stringy (depending on the cut), the next major option, GRINDING the tobacco, may not be much more difficult than this option.  Try to use shorter shag tobacco, since longer shag tobacco is more difficult to load into the tobacco chamber.

With loose tobacco, you can either sprinkle the tobacco over the tobacco chamber (metal end of the vapor tube), or grab a pinch and insert it into the tobacco chamber, or poke the vapor tube into the pouch of tobacco to fill it.  (Be careful not to poke through the tobacco pouch.) 

You can also use the “shot-glass method.”  Take a standard shot glass and put some loose tobacco in it, and then poke the metal end of the vapor tube into the shot glass in order to pack it with tobacco.

Repeat the above steps until satisfied.


Densest Vapor Method:

To get the densest vapor from your tobacco, you need to grind it so as to maximize the amount of surface area that will be exposed to the hot air.

You can do this with a coffee grinder, or you can buy one specially made for this purpose by searching on either Google or Amazon for “tobacco grinder.”  The better quality ones are made from metal and will last longer than ones made from plastic.

You do NOT want to grind your tobacco into powder, as this will be so small as to get blown THROUGH the screen, and will not stay in place in the tobacco chamber.

Once you have ground your tobacco, you can either:

·        sprinkle it into the tobacco chamber, or

·        grab a pinch and insert it into the tobacco chamber, or

·        put the ground tobacco into a shot glass as described above and poke the vapor tube into the shot glass to pack it with tobacco, or

·        suck lightly on the vapor tube while holding it over the shot glass, thereby sucking ground tobacco into the tobacco chamber.

Once you have the tobacco chamber filled, lightly press the tobacco down with your fingertip, insert the vapor tube into the heating block, and press the power button. 

Repeat the above steps until satisfied.



Many users report that they prefer the taste of thicker vapor to that of more dilute vapor.  To increase the density of the vapor you inhale, you can attach the included plastic tubing to the end of the vapor tube.   This is somewhat like using a very small bag with a bag type vaporizer.  You can let the vapor fill the tube, (watching it fill will give you a visual confirmation that vapor IS being produced, since vapor is much harder to see than smoke) and then inhale the contents of the tube in one breath.  This will allow you to take in a greater quantity of thicker vapor in a single breath than is possible without a tube.  With a tube attached the vapor travels down the length of the tube, with minimal leakage out the cooling air hole.  So although it is easy to do, it is not necessary to plug this hole when using this vaporizer with a tube.




Pre-Loading the Vapor Tubes


The vapor tubes are supplied with heat-resistant silicone caps which can be used to cover the tobacco chambers, allowing you to pre-load vapor tubes at home.  (Two vapor tubes are included with the unit, additional ones can be purchased separately.)  The caps are heat resistant to over 500°F, so they can be placed back on the tubes immediately after use, to prevent the vaped contents from spilling in case there is not a convenient ashtray nearby, as well as to insulate you (or your pocket) from the hot tobacco chamber.




Emptying the Tobacco Chamber


To empty the spent tobacco, either blow through the tube to expel the vaped tobacco, or GENTLY tap the metal end of the tube on an ashtray.




Power and Charging


The power switch is a push-button switch, which will power the unit on when pressed, and off when released (disengaged).


The unit also has a safety timer feature, which will turn the unit off after approximately six minutes. 

To restart the unit, simply release the power switch (to the off position) and then press (engage) the power switch, and the unit will again run for ~ 6 minutes.  This is a safety feature to prevent someone from forgetting the unit on.


While on battery power, the yellow LED indicates that the battery is low on charge and needs to be recharged.  When this happens, the pump will still run, but the unit will NOT be able to reach vaporizing temperatures.  (This LED MAY flicker while running on wall power.  This is normal and does NOT indicate a problem with the unit; it will always attain vaporizing temperature while running on wall power.)


To charge the battery pack, open the unit, disconnect the battery pack from the unit, and plug the battery pack into the charger. 

To fully charge completely drained batteries will take about 5 hours. 

The battery charger will display a red light while the battery is charging and a green light once the battery is charged

The battery pack can be left charging continuously, since the battery charger is a “smart” charger and will NOT overcharge the battery. 

The battery pack can also be removed from the unit and charged externally. 

Additional battery packs can be purchased separately and charged ahead of time to be used as needed when away from wall power.


The unit can also run on wall power.  The unit CAN be run on wall power whether or not a battery pack is present and connected in the unit.






NEVER use ANY object(s) to poke into the connecting block (where the vapor tube is inserted) as this can damage the internals of the unit, and will void the warranty.

Should any pieces of tobacco fall into the unit, simply turn the unit so the hole for the vapor tube faces downward and tap the unit gently to allow any pieces to fall out.


The unit itself will not require any cleaning, but the vapor tubes may accumulate condensed oils vaporized from the tobacco.  To clean them, fill a small tray with rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol, soak them for about 10 minutes, agitate them a little, and then rinse with tap water and allow to dry.




Safety Precautions


Use caution when handling the vapor tubes after removal from the unit, since the metal end (tobacco chamber) will be HOT.

Also, do not touch the area near the insertion hole for the vapor tubes on the unit, since this area will also get HOT.

Read and Understand the “Conditions of Use”





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